NBKA Meetings 2018


JANUARY Thursday 25th. 7.30pm Newent School

‘Strictly Bees Quiz’ for a bit of fun and to get the grey cells going. Some technical, some trivia, definitely light hearted.

FEBRUARY Saturday 12th 10:30am Club Apiary

A session to clean our kit and prepare for the new season.  There will also be a BBQ to incentivise us!

FEBRUARY Thursday 22nd 7.30pm Newent School

Wildflower meadows for bees presented by Paul Jupp of “Meadow in My Garden” a family business based in Devizes, Wiltshire, with a love of wild gardens.

MARCH Thursday  29th 7.30pm Newent School

Everything you ever wanted to know about swarm control, but were afraid to ask.

Master Beekeeper Jim Vivian-Griffiths from Dean Forest Beekeepers.

APRIL Thursday 26th 7.30pm Newent School

Queen rearing the Mike Hunt way.

Mike is now president of Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association.