National Honey Monitoring Scheme

Dr Anna Oliver and the NHMS Team at aim to use honeybees to monitor long-term changes in the condition and health of the UK countryside. For the scheme to work they need the help of beekeepers to collect honey samples from across the UK and intend to continue to do this for many years.
These samples will analysed using advanced DNA barcoding techniques to identify the species of plant pollen present. This will tell what bees are feeding on in different parts of the country and at different times of year. This information will help identify possible threats to the floral resources of pollinating insects.

To join in you need to create a log in at the honey monitoring website and then visit the ‘Taking part’ tab, click on ‘request a sample pack’ and follow the instructions to create a submission. They only ask a couple of questions, importantly location, to enable a pack request. This needs to be done every time you desire a new sample pack. Sample packs for this year’s honey crop can be ordered until October 7th.

Author: burrowsnbka

Beekeeper, Gloucestershire

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