Kilcot Apiary – NBKA’s own Bees

Why help and support are needed.

Our hives are there for several purposes:
1) As a resource for training new beekeepers
2) A place for non-beekeeping members to gain experience
3) To provide honey for the landlord as part of our ‘rent’
4) To allow members to try out techniques that may not be appropriate at their own apiaries
5) To allow more experienced beekeepers to practice queen rearing
6) To provide a pleasant location to meet and discuss bee experiences

The Apiary has its own equipment and space for activities and about a dozen hives currently.

We depend on regular attendance during the busy season to conduct the club activities and share the load on inspections, training, queen rearing, swarm prevention measures etc. It is also useful to appreciate the benefit of good record keeping when attendees change from week to week.

In addition there is the regular maintenance of the grounds, hives, equipment, and facilities for which rotas are usually organised to share the load.

Can all club members consider ‘doing their bit’ by attending the practical sessions as regularly as possible, and volunteering for the supporting tasks wherever they can. We really do depend on each other to make the club a success and to continue our role in support of pollinators, beekeepers, and would-be beekeepers (our future membership!). The executive committee will really appreciate any support in this.

Author: burrowsnbka

Beekeeper, Gloucestershire

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