Help! I have a swarm of bees!

The branch can be contacted at  – best for all non-urgent enquiries.

For comprehensive information on swarms please look at the website provided by the British Beekeepers Association by clicking here.

If you are not in the immediate Newent, Gloucester, Cinderford, Ross-on-Wye, Redmarley and Ledbury area, this BBKA link will help you find details of beekeepers in your area who may be able to help with swarms.


If only they were all this easy to get to!


If you are confident that you have a swarm of honeybees near any of the postcodes listed below and you would like them removed then please call one of the following numbers.

One of our volunteers will try to help you. Please be aware that it is a matter of luck if somebody is available, so you may have to call several numbers to get a response.


Please try and have the following information to hand when you call, it will make the situation much easier to assess.

  • Location of the hive (i.e. in a tree, on a fence, side of house, etc…)
  • Approximate distance from the swarm to the ground
  • Size of the swarm (i.e. a tennis ball, football, bulging shopping bag, etc…)
  • The time and day when you first noticed the swarm and an estimate of the time it has been there
  • The address of the swarm. If it is not on your property, please provide the contact information of the owner, if possible
  • A telephone number for a contact person if subsequent calls are appropriate

If you are not sure that it is a swarm then please read the information found in the links above. This may save you and our volunteers time and trouble. If you are not near any of the listed postcodes, but still in Gloucestershire then try the Gloucestershire Beekeeping Association website for links to other branch websites that will give you contacts for your area.